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Backing Up Ramona Bruland Freelance TV host breathes easier with files automatically backed up to a Synology DS712+* network attached storage server powered by an Intel® Atom™ processor. Intel® technologies are powering a new generation of network attached storage devices that small businesses and consumers are using to help keep their data safe, access it from anywhere, and share it long distance. This is one of their stories. Ramona Bruland has made a career of discovering the best things in life. She’s a freelance TV host and producer, currently anchoring a wintertime show called “Top of the Mountain” for Plum TV Networks in Aspen, Colorado, and a summertime show called “Keeping Up with Ramona.” She seeks out and tells viewers about “the best things in life” in lifestyle, outdoor adventure, arts, culture, gear, fashions, food, wine, and travel. A native Australian, Bruland has been seen on TV screens across Australia, Europe, and the U.S. However, taking care of the technology in her life was definitely not one of the best things in her life. Bruland has gigabytes of hefty video and audio files, as well as sched- ules, storyboards, budgets, and other administrative files, that she uses and shares with colleagues and clients. Until recently, her files were scattered between a desktop computer in her office and a laptop computer that she travelled with, and she had to constantly move files between the two. She recently consolidated everything to the laptop, but this meant that it was even more imperative to keep this PC safe and sound. “I worried about the safety of my files, because my backup procedure was random at best,” Bruland says. “I backed up my files to an external hard drive whenever I thought about it, which was sometimes only once a month.” Sharing files was another problem. Bruland routinely shares video files—sometimes half-hour or hour-long shows—with editors, producers, and clients, and she had to upload these large files to an FTP site, which was extremely time consuming. Plus, Bruland travels frequently and often did not have needed files with her. Big-Company Backup for Small Business Bruland knew that the TV production companies she had worked for in the past had sophisticated automated backup systems, but she didn’t think that such systems were available to entrepreneurs like herself. However, in late 2011, Bruland gained access to a Synology DS712+* network attached storage (NAS) server powered by an Intel® Atom™ processor. This storage device provides corporate-caliber backup and file-sharing capa- bilities in a small business package. Huge Peace of Mind Bruland has two 1-terabyte drives in her Synology NAS that mirror one another, meaning that everything is backed up automatically to both drives for double protection. “I no longer worry about files going missing,” Bruland says. “I know that everything is getting backed up without me having to do anything. It’s a huge weight off my shoulders.” Plus, Bruland likes knowing that her files are kept in her office rather than in someone else’s servers in a Read the full CASE STUDY NAS STORAGE.

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