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Intelligent Consumer Product Introduction Solution

Promoting a new product category while improving inventory management.

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Intelligent Consumer Product Intro Solution Promotes New Products

A big challenge for retailers is keeping inventory levels aligned with the latest trends, especially since consumer preferences for new products and technologies change quickly. Suning, the leading electronics store chain in China, is improving its inventory management by deploying an intelligent consumer product introduction solution capable of learning which Ultrabook™ devices will have the greatest appeal to consumers.
The solution, developed by Shanghai Six Sense Technology Co. Ltd, brings the convenience of online retail inside the electronics store while collecting and analyzing anonymous customer data used to better control inventory levels and improve product forecasting accuracy.
Purposely designed for interactivity, the solution allows consumers to easily research Ultrabook devices and associated features using a touch screen interface. It is based on a 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ i5 processor with integrated graphics that drive a 46 inch (117 cm) high-defnition (1080P) touchscreen.

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