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Point of Sale (POS) System Hardware: Performance

Solutions for more profitable retail experiences

Transactional Device: Performance

The use of intelligent computing solutions in the retail environment including Kiosks, ATMs, digital signage, and POS system hardware helps retail businesses of all sizes improve customer service. Solutions based on Intel® CoreTM processors also give IT the opportunity to increase operational efficiency with features that include:

  • Advanced remote management capabilities to lower support costs
  • Comprehensive security to protect customer data
  • Enhanced virtualization for improved application performance and efficiency

Advanced technology keeps customers happy

Intel® processors and chipsets with Intel® vProTM technology provide hardware-based advantages for staying ahead in the retail arena, where features like advanced POS performance, remote manageability, and security tools improve responsiveness. Retailers can standardize one system throughout their stores, creating a stable, reliable, and secure IT infrastructure that extends from the corporate data center to a customer’s touchscreen. Processor-based features include:


  • Hardware-assisted security features that keep customer data more secure with faster data encryption
  • Remote management capabilities that allow IT to remotely fix issues and secure data, reducing support costs and protecting data integrity

This combination of performance and advanced technologies makes Intel® processors ideal for retail systems and is designed to help you attract and retain customers.

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