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Intel®: A processor for every purpose

When you have the right Intel® processor in your device, it’s simple to enjoy a truly satisfying computing experience.

Energy-Efficient Embedded Systems: Product Brief

Product Brief: Intel® Celeron® processor 440 supports smaller, quieter, energy-efficient embedded systems, improves performance. (v.004, July 2009)

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Celeron® and Pentium® Processor N-/J-Series: Spec Update

Spec Update: Celeron® and Pentium® Processor N- and J-series errata and clarifications. (v.8, Jul. 2014)

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Formidable Computing Environments, Meet Formidable Technology

Case Study: Xplore recognizes that its customers need mobile computing tools that match tough on-the-job requirement

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Embedded Intel® Celeron® Desktop Processors for Low-Power Designs

Product features and technical documents provide information for embedded Intel® Celeron® desktop processors, including user guides and datasheets.

Floating-Point Registers Expand Data Movement: Product Brief

Product Brief: Enhanced floating-point units in Intel® Celeron® D processors expand registers, add additional data movement. (v.006, Nov. 2006)

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Low Power Applied Computing: Product Brief

Product Brief: Featuring 128K/256K of on-die L2 cache, the Intel® Celeron® processor provides low-power applied computing solutions.(v.003, May 2002)

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Intel® 3000, 3010 Chipset Memory Controller Hub Design Guidelines

Thermal and mechanical operating limits, specifications, and reference thermal solution for Intel® 3000 and 3010 chipsets memory controller hub (MCH).

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Intel® 3200 and 3210 Chipset: Datasheet

Datasheet: Intel® 3200 and Intel® 3210 chipsets.

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Intel® 852GM/852GMV Chipset Graphics and Memory Controller Hub

Spec Update, 2004: Intel® 852GM/852GMV Chipset Graphics and Memory Controller Hub (GMCH), clarifications, changes, and documentation errata.

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