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Go behind the scenes in this video news magazine from Intel. You’ll discover the devices, systems, and experiences that are changing lives and driving the Internet of Things.

This edition of Tech Today explores where the Internet of Things is enabling energy use analysis, improvements in patient care, perceptual computing technology, and TV broadcasting capability.

Episode Two: Intel® Technology Powering the Internet of Things

Tech Today

Segments in this edition

Home energy usage

Home energy usage

Technology from Intel is empowering researchers at Pecan Street Inc. to analyze and understand the energy data from residents in the Mueller Community of Austin, Texas. The aim is to gauge and improve the ways in which these homes consume energy.

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Improving patient care

Improving patient care

Hospitals across the U.S. treat millions of patients a year, often stretching resources thin. Technology from CareView offers virtual around-the-clock monitoring. Intelligent cameras help mothers check-in on their babies, keep families connected, and more.

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Expanding broadcast television

Expanding broadcast television

Today, broadcast television is no longer taking place in a traditional setting. Innovative technology from NewTek called TriCaster* is making it possible for small businesses and individuals to reach billions of connected devices. Intel® architecture is allowing broadcasters to develop rich video content for the Internet of Things.

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