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New Digital Advertising Solutions: Proof-of-Concept

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New Digital Advertising Solutions: Proof-of-Concept
Intel® Intelligent Vending Proof of Concept with Large Display Screen
New Era of Digital Signage Opens up Possibilities for Vending Machines

Japan is home to a very large number of vending machines, and they have undergone any number of changes over the years, such as the adoption of non-contact IC card technology. A new feature that will provide further enhancements to these devices is digital signage. Digital signage is a next-generation advertising medium that uses large-screen and other displays to present targeted information to people in its field of view.
For digital signage to catch the eye of a large number of viewers, it needs to be located somewhere where it will attract the most attention. However, installing a large signage unit at a new site is not easy. Vending machines, on the other hand, are already located at sites with high foot traffic and incorporating digital signage takes maximum advantage of both functions.

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