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Better Graphics Performance Lowers Cost of Digital Signage: Paper

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Better Graphics Performance Lowers Cost of Digital Signage: Paper

Improved Graphics Performance Changes the Cost Equation in Digital Signage
3rd generation Intel® Core™ processors deliver graphics performance on par with USD 350 GPUs

The quality and flexibility of digital signage is a function of the graphics processing capability of the media players that drive the displays. To deliver a high level of graphics performance, media players tend to incorporate discrete graphics processing units (GPUs), although some players use the graphics engine on the CPU platform. More vendors are expected to turn to integrated graphics as performance increases, and it becomes better aligned to CPU performance.

It’s expected that CPU performance will increase year after year. And indeed, this has been the case for Intel® architecture processors that are typically refreshed annually. This time around, Intel has also boosted graphics performance by up to 60 percent in the move from 2nd generation to 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processors. This remarkable step up in graphics speed has changed the cost equation for media players. For a large portion of the media player market, developers can eliminate GPUs, saving on the order of 350 USD and reducing power consumption by a couple hundred watts without sacrificing performance. Media player vendors who are using the on-board graphics on 2nd generation Intel Core processors (code named Sandy Bridge) will benefit significantly from migrating to these latest Intel® processors.

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