Reliable, Low-Power, and Secure Intelligent Systems

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Reliable, Low-Power, and Secure Intelligent Systems

The Intel® Atom™ processor E3800 product family offers advancements in reliability, media and graphics performance, CPU, and security, setting a new standard for entry-level devices.

• The Internet of Things is driving systems to be more interconnected and interdependent, making exceptional reliability a must.
• Industries from retail to healthcare demand improved visual quality and video playback, requiring more processing power for high-end media and graphics.
• Today’s technology solutions and applications are increasingly compute-intensive, driving a need for higher performance at lower power consumption.
• Systems and data of all types need to be protected against adept cybercriminals, necessitating improved system protection and the widespread use of data encryption.

• Error-correcting code (ECC), fanless designs, and industrial temperature range support provide added protection against soft errors and extreme environmental conditions.
• Generation 7 Intel® Graphics Technology with dramatically improved graphics and media performance has five times the 3-D graphics power and 80 percent higher decode performance than previous generations.
• Quad-core processing, out-of-order instruction execution, and other microarchitecture enhancements significantly increase performance: up to double per core and four times per CPU compared to prior generations.
• Intel® Advanced Encryption Standard New Instructions (Intel® AES-NI) and Secure Boot use hardware-assisted capabilities to encrypt/decrypt data and allow only trusted software to run on the devices.

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