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KUKA's PC-based Robot Controller

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KUKA's PC-based Robot Controller: Case Study

Build a better robot, and automation gets easy
Using Intel® multi-core technology, KUKA Roboter GmbH engineers a groundbreaking robot controller and raises the bar on industrial safety

The field of robotics is still relatively young compared to other technology innovations, but KUKA is busy charting the course for its future. Based in Augsburg, Germany, KUKA develops world-class robot and control technology to enable increasingly complex and faster-working industrial automation applications. From the automotive sector to the entertainment industry, and from medical technology to meat cutting, if something moves in automation, KUKA probably has a robotic hand in it.

As one of the world’s leading suppliers of industrial robots, controllers, software, and linear units, KUKA recognizes that robots can be used to automate essentially any industrial process. They can stack, sort, bend, polish, weld, inspect, saw, drill, glue, and grind, plus a whole lot more. But regardless of the task or industry, robotics is an intense application area that requires massive amounts of calculation, coordination, and control. And for that, KUKA’s product developers need all of the performance they can get.

For example, using Intel® multi-core processor technology, KUKA can build more powerful, higher-performance robot controllers for high-end applications. KUKA recently took new advantage of Intel multi-core technology in the development of its next-generation robot controllers. The just-launched KUKA KR C4* control system addresses the growing emphasis on functional safety in industrial automation, especially crucial in work environments where humans and robots interact. KUKA, a pioneer of PC-based controllers for robots since 1996, bills its newest product as the world’s first PC-based robot controller with an integrated safety PLC (programmable logic controller).

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