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Advantech and LiDCO Advanced Cardiovascular Monitoring System

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Advantech and LiDCO Advanced Cardiovascular Monitoring System*

Advantech Puts Intel® Architecture at the Heart of LiDCO’s Advanced Cardiovascular Monitoring System*

The drive to reform healthcare systems and control healthcare expenditures is challenging Medical Device OEMs to respond to increasing cost pressures.

While more innovation with newer features is being demanded, innovation on its own is no longer enough to triumph over the competition between medical technologies specialists. Today it is becoming more and more important to ensure that one can also implement cost-optimized solutions so that more units can be deployed across more hospitals which leads to a far greater increase in efficiency and effectiveness for the healthcare sector.

The LiDCOrapid* system developed by LiDCO is one such solution. It is a unique game-changing, minimally invasive hemodynamic monitoring system which utilizes commercially available technology from Advantech to reduce development costs and improve the key time to market metric.

Advantech is a leading provider of medical grade panel PCs to the healthcare market. They provide a wide and versatile range of medical grade computing platforms which can fit almost any hospital setting, ranging from space-confined Operating Rooms to Critical Care nursing stations. All of Advantech’s medical platforms cater to the distinctive requirements of electronic products within a hospital setting, along with conforming to all medical-related technology standards such as ISO-13485, EN60601-1 and UL60601-1.

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