White Paper: Framebuffer Overlay Blending - Configuration and Proof of Concept with Intel® EMGD

Framebuffer Overlay Blending with Intel® EMGD

Executive Summary
Intel® Embedded Media and Graphics Driver (Intel® EMGD) provides an embedded, focused graphic solution for Intel low-power integrated graphics. Intel® EMGD supports a variety of features for graphic applications, such as video overlay and accelerated 3D graphics for various commercial operating systems such as Linux*, MeeGo*..., and Windows* XP.
Using a feature called framebuffer overlay blending, the Intel® EMGD design allows the driver to be as flexible as possible without sacrificing performance. This feature provides visually appealing blending of video overlay with 3D graphics using one of the supported 3D APIs such as OpenGL, OpenGL ES, or Direct3D*.
This paper describes the methods for enabling the framebuffer overlay blending feature in Intel® EMGD and shows a proof of concept for the feature. This paper assumes that the user is familiar with basic Intel® EMGD configuration using the Intel® EMGD configuration editor. It explains each of the configurations available in the configuration editor that are related to framebuffer overlay blending feature.

Read the full Framebuffer Overlay Blending with Intel® EMGD White Paper.

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