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Secondary School Assessment Plans

Secondary Assessment Plans

Accidental Discoveries: How can we benefit from our accidents?
Year 5 to Form 1, Science
Students role-play scientists/inventors who have been hired to find a marketable use for a new substance. They must use their knowledge of properties of matter and experimentation processes to prove that their idea will work and that people will want to buy their product.

Great Thinkers: What does it take to change our world?
Year 5 to Form 1, Social Studies, English Language
Students research the ”Great Thinkers” of the world; people who have made a positive impact throughout time. Each student researches one Great Thinker and then becomes this person, sharing the thinker’s life and accomplishments with the class.

Medieval Times: Can we really be whatever we want to be?
Year 5 to Form 1, Social Studies
Students are immersed in medieval times, and select a persona such as a king or a squire to research and role-play in an oral presentation. Students explore all aspects of lives during that time as they research and build a dream castle and prepare a feast fit for a king.

World War I: The War to End All Wars? Why is there conflict?
Form 2 to Form 6, American History
Students conduct research on World War I to produce newspapers and multimedia presentations, participate in a simulated trench warfare experience, and study wartime propaganda from countries around the world.


Secondary Assessment Plans