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Amazing performance. Anywhere in your home.

Enjoy the performance of a full PC anywhere in your home with a portable All-in-One

Come home to a portable All-in-One that gives you the power of a full PC inside a large HD screen with tablet-like capabilities. Experience the freedom to unplug and move to any room in your home—it is the ultimate entertainment and social hub for your family. Enjoy All-in-One simplicity, powered by Intel.

Lenovo Horizon* all-in-one view from above

Full PC Performance

An All-in-One PC delivers Intel level performance, with the versatility of a desktop in a stylish, clutter-free design you will want to show off. Its amazing performance gives this powerhouse the ability to adapt to your needs. Smooth, seamless, and stunning visuals take full advantage of its HD screens, many of which are touch enabled and feature built-in cameras. Experience the power within your computer, and discover what is possible with a new All-in-One PC.

Thin Dell all-in-one view from the side

Stylish, Sleek, and Clutter-free Design

Smooth. Stylish. Seamlessly designed. The all-in-one PC is a sleek powerhouse that is easy to set up, with only one cable. You can choose your HD screen size: 18 inches and larger. Its elegant frame fits into any room in the house, and its clutter-free design goes with any décor—giving you more space for life. All-in-One simplicity, powered by Intel.

Dell all-in-one screen

Amazing Performance, Anywhere in your Home1

Thanks to its built-in battery, your portable All-in-One PC can move to any room in your home. Plus, the lay-flat design means any surface can be your gaming, creating, and entertainment center. With a portable All-in-One PC and Intel level performance, you can enjoy multi-touch gaming in vibrant HD, and be productive anywhere your family likes to gather.

HP all-in-one view from the front and above

Shared Family PC

Portable All-in-Ones support multi-touch so the whole family can play together at the same time. Portable models can lie flat, so any surface can be the family gaming center. You can easily move the system from room to room and use it wherever your family likes to gather. Multi-user, multi-touch computing at its best.

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What is a portable All-in-One?

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1. Integrated battery and lay flat mode required for portable AIO devices.