An Intel® processor takes
the 2 in 1 to the next level

  • Powerful performance
  • Adaptable. Work or play
  • Value. More than a laptop
  • Long battery life

It's powerful:
Amazing Intel processor

2 in 1s with 4th generation Intel® Core™ processors set the pace with best-in-class performance. Enjoy long battery life, built-in security, and speed that works hard when you need it most. A responsive touch-screen and stunning visuals complete the package, making it perfect for games, movies, and business apps.

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It's versatile:
The perfect balance of laptop and tablet

A 2 in 1 with an Intel® processor means you get the best of both worlds—the power of a laptop and the fun of a tablet. One moment you need to edit a presentation and the next you need to catch up on your favorite show—it converts with ease. Whether you need to lean into work or lean back and relax, it's ready.

It's personal:
Touch, twist, bend

Be intuitive, playful, and hands-on. A 2 in 1 device adjusts to you, allowing you to flip, detach, or switch in a flash. And with over 50 types to choose from, it's simple to find one that moves the way you want.

It's great value:
More capable. Less cost

Why two devices when one will do? The Intel® processor heritage lives on through the 2 in 1, handling all your needs from spreadsheets to gaming, so you can streamline the number of devices you need. A 2 in 1 is an elegant, adaptable solution that reduces hassle, and increases savings.

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